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AGM & EFB batteries are specifically designed for use in Start-Stop systems. They feature industry-leading Full Frame grid technology that ensures superior performance, emission reduction & maximum fuel saving.

Evolved from the proven Sealed Maintenance Free range, ACDelco’s Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) and Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) are designed and manufactured to perform under the toughest conditions. Many vehicles now have Stop/Start technology and dozens of power-hungry on-board electrical modules that require an advanced vehicle charging system and more importantly a battery capable of handling this increased load when the vehicle’s engine is not running.

Features & Benefits

AGM – Absorbed Glass Mat

  • Designed to handle high demands placed on starting batteries by advanced vehicle
  • High-compression fleece separator
  • Over double the cycle life compared with regular lead acid batteries
  • Maintenance-free – completely leak and spill proof
  • Advanced construction – complex polypropylene case,
  • High-precision cold-formed battery terminals, six safety valves
  • High depth of discharge lifecycle
  • Greater resistance to vibration

EFB – Enhanced Flooded Battery

  • Evolved from the proven Sealed Maintenance Free range
  • Ultra-high density plate material for high corrosion resistance
  • Increased charge acceptance
  • High depth of discharge lifecycle
  • Wrought expanded grids with higher Sn (Tin) content
  • Ideally suited to active management charging systems, high demand
CCALengthWidthMax Height
(Inc. Terminal)
S34B20LAGMS34B20LAGM ACDelco AGM Start/Stop33573401951262240SMB0
S34B20RAGMS34B20RAGM ACDelco AGM Start/Stop33573401951262241SMB0
S46B24LAGMS46B24LAGM ACDelco AGM Start/Stop42754102361262240SMB0
S46B24RAGMS46B24RAGM ACDelco AGM Start/Stop42754102361262241SMB0
SM42B20LEFBSM42B20LEFB ACDelco Enhanced Flooded43634001961282250SMB0
SM42B20REFBSM42B20REFB ACDelco Enhanced Flooded43634001961282251SMB0
S55090AGMS55090AGM ACDelco AGM Start/Stop50805202061741890STDB3
SN55B24LEFBSN55B24LEFB ACDelco Enhanced Flooded58925002381282250SMB0
S56090AGMS56090AGM ACDelco AGM Start/Stop601006802411741890STDB3
S56030EFBS56030EFB AC Delco Enhanced Flooded601005602421751900STDB3
SLBN3-65EFBSLBN3-65EFB AC Delco Enhanced Flooded651306502781751750STDB3
S57090AGMS57090AGM ACDelco AGM Start/Stop701207602771741890STDB3
S57038EFBS57038EFB AC Delco Enhanced Flooded701207202781751900STDB3
SQ85D23LEFBSQ85D23LEFB ACDelco Enhanced Flooded751256602291722220STDB7
SQ85D23REFBSQ85D23REFB AC Delco Enhanced Flooded751256602291722221STDB7
SLBN4-75EFBSLBN4-EFB AC Delco Enhanced Flooded751507303041751750STDB3
S58090AGMS58090AGM ACDelco AGM Start/Stop801408003141741890STDB3
SS95D26LEFBSS95D26LEFB ACDelco Enhanced Flooded801507202591722220STDB7
SS95D26REFBSS95D26REFB Ac Delco Enhanced Flooded801507202591722221STDB7
SLN4-80EFBSLN4-80EFB AC Delco Enhanced Flooded801508003041751900STDB3
ST110D31LEFBST110D31LEFB AC Delco Enhanced Flooded901708203051722220STDB7
ST110D31REFBST110D31REFB AC Delco Enhanced Flooded901708203051722221STDB7
S59590AGMS59590AGM ACDelco AGM Start/Stop951609003521741890STDB3
SLN5-95EFBSLN5-95EFB AC Delco Enhanced Flooded951808503521751900STDB3

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