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Dual Battery Isolator Installation

Get the most out of your batteries with our state-of-the-art dual battery isolators. Used primarily in 4WD and commercial vehicles, our dual battery isolators are designed to significantly extend battery life and safely charge your auxiliary battery.

A good dual battery isolator works as a kind of rule-enforcer for battery systems. They allow DC power to flow through the isolator while forcing electricity to flow in only one direction. That way, when one battery in your bank is drained, it won’t end up pulling current from another.

Baxters Smart Intelligent Isolator 12V 110A

Baxters Smart Intelligent Isolator 12V 110A

Designed for use in multi-battery system to protect the start battery from excessive discharge whilst allowing the auxiliary battery to supply non-essential loads.
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Redarc Smart Start SBI12 version

Redarc Smart Start SBI12 version

The REDARC Smart Start SBI2 is a microprocessor-controlled battery isolator used in dual battery systems as a solenoid priority system.
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