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Elecbrakes Release Version 2: The EB2 Electric Brake Controller

ElecBrakes EB2 Electric Brake Controller

Unveiling the New Elecbrakes EB2: A Comprehensive Product Review

In the world of towing, the Elecbrakes EB2 stands out as the latest innovation that promises a seamless and enhanced towing experience. With a focus on durability, ease of use, and advanced features, the EB2 builds upon the success of its predecessor Elecbrakes Version 1 (EB1) while introducing exciting upgrades.

In this comprehensive review, we take a closer look at the key features that make the Elecbrakes EB2 a smart and reliable choice for towing enthusiasts.

Elecbrakes EB2 Electric Brake Controller

Integrated Deutsch PLUG for Enhanced Mounting Flexibility

The incorporation of the integrated Deutsch PLUG in the EB2 brake controller offers increased versatility in mounting, enabling installation in tighter spaces with ease.

IP67 Certification: Unrivaled Durability

Undergoing meticulous independent testing by our IP agency, the EB2 has attained IP67 certification. This accolade signifies that the EB2 is not only waterproof but also shockproof and dustproof, establishing it as a reliable choice for sustained durability and optimal performance across diverse towing conditions.

Streamlined Connectivity with Tap + Tow Technology

To simplify the connection process, the EB2 introduces Tap + Tow technology, utilizing Near Field Communication (NFC). Connecting your unit is effortless – just bring your phone close to the unit and follow the prompts displayed on your phone.

Intelligent Safeguards for Prolonged Performance

In addition to its IP67 certification, the EB2 boasts intelligent self-regulation features, including thermal protection and short circuit protection in extreme conditions. This ensures the EB2 is built to last, providing enduring performance under challenging circumstances.

Smart Brake Sensor for Real-Time Monitoring

The EB2’s Smart Brake Sensor sets it apart by measuring brake power and relaying this information back to the user’s app. This not only enables live data monitoring but also empowers Elecbrakes to swiftly resolve any issues you might encounter through intelligent diagnosis capabilities.

Convenient App Downloads

Customers can Download the Elecbrakes App on the apple store or Google Play, making access to the app swift and convenient for users on different platforms.

Seamless Updates with Over the Air Capability

Keep your EB2 up to date with its enhanced firmware update capabilities, accessible through the Elecbrakes App on your phone. Stay ahead by ensuring your app is current to take advantage of the latest features and improvements effortlessly.

Enhanced Multiple Device Management

Experience improved device management with the EB2, allowing users to efficiently oversee multiple devices simultaneously through the app. Ideal for fleet owners or those with multiple trailers, this feature simplifies the management process for enhanced convenience.

Elecbrakes EB2 – How to Install

Just like it’s predessor EB1, the EB2 is just as simple to install if not easier. Watch the video below to watch how easy the click & play EB2 is to setup on your trailer

Elecbrakes EB2 – How it Works

Discover how the Elecbrakes EB2 works and why it’s one of the best and easiest brake controllers on the market when it comes to electric brake controller functionality and installation.


As Elecbrakes proudly introduces the EB2, it’s evident that this latest unit not only builds upon its predecessor’s success but elevates the towing experience.

With durability, user-friendly features, and continuous improvement, the Elecbrakes EB2 emerges as the smartest and toughest brake controller on the market. If you’re ready to experience the enhanced capabilities of the Elecbrakes EB2 your can purchase it from our website store.

We look forward to being a part of your towing journey – happy towing!


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