The BCDC Core marks the pinnacle of DC to DC charging solutions for setups within the cabin, canopy, or battery box, eliminating the need for weatherproofing. Each BCDC Core unit boasts REDARC’s tried-and-true dual input DC charging technology, coupled with an MPPT solar regulator and the innovative Green Power Priority feature. All of this is encapsulated within the familiar and compact BCDC form factor.

These attributes empower the REDARC CORE 40A DC Charger to effectively harness energy from both the alternator and solar sources concurrently, guaranteeing optimal charge capacity regardless of the circumstances.

Are you seeking a DC-DC Charger for an under-bonnet installation? REDARC’s BCDC Classic series, available in 25amp, 40amp, and 50amp models, might perfectly suit your needs.

Maximum Charging Efficiency

The BCDC Core incorporates a sophisticated Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar regulator and ‘Green Power Priority’ function. These advanced elements enable the BCDC Core to harmoniously draw power from solar panels and the alternator simultaneously, heightening its charge efficiency and alleviating strain on the alternator, thereby conserving fuel.

Compact & Whisper-Quiet

With its petite footprint and absence of noisy fans or relays, the BCDC Core effortlessly fits into discreet spaces, allowing more room in the cabin for vital components. Say goodbye to unsightly bulky electronics cluttering your interior. Conceal it beneath the rear floor, discreetly tucked behind a side panel, or neatly positioned under the seats to seamlessly integrate your power setup into the aesthetics of your vehicle.

Lithium Ready

Boasting tailored charging profiles, including ones designed for lithium batteries, the BCDC Core ensures your energy storage units are primed for your next expedition. The proven technology within the BCDC Core has been rigorously tested and independently verified, guaranteeing optimal battery lifespan by consistently delivering a verifiable 100% charge.*

As a guide the BCDC Core 40A is typically used for lead acid battery banks over 200Ah and lithium batteries over 100Ah.. Consult your battery manufacturer’s specifications and verify that the charger’s ‘Continuous Current Rating’ does not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended maximum charging current. For smaller batteries, REDARC recommends the BCDC Core 25A.

*Note: Larger battery banks might require multiple cycles for full charging.

Additional Information
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 33 × 13 × 6 cm


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